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“The world is rapidly changing. We can only guess what challenges today's children will meet as they grow up. I want children who are resilient, dynamic, confident and meet life's challenges with courage. I don't believe our mainstream system is equipping children for the future. It's time for a change in the way children are taught. That is why Zaya exists."

Nadia Zaal
CEO, Zaya & Al Barari

Founder, Zaya Early Learning



To pioneer an educational shift in the UAE, with a movement towards relevant learning programs that look at children as a whole, with an emphasis on developmentally appropriate classrooms and practical experiences. We aim to spark children's natural curiosity to learn.


Respect: We deliberately and consciously cultivate an attitude of tolerance and respect as the basis for all interactions. The connection and collaboration that comes from this nurtures individual and community well-being, within which every student unfolds in utmost love and care.

Imagination & Creativity: We believe that young children are in the stage of their lives where their imagination is most active. Whether in science or geography, maths or languages, artistic activities create interest, encourage broader critical thinking skills, to be utilized as they mature.

Authenticity & Purposefulness: Students learn best when their feelings and their thinking are fully engaged. Children will learn through experience.

Resilience: We want to teach today’s children how to adapt to change and develop stress tolerance. We are committed to helping kids develop a sense of resiliency as they learn how to learn. We focus on providing them with the tools they need to follow through on tasks and seek out new challenges.

Perseverance: Children these days have very low attention spans, so we want to cultivate deep focus and follow through in every area of their lives by teaching them the value of perseverance.

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